quarta-feira, 10 de abril de 2013

Mais mantras...

Write a letter, not an e-mail.
Start a diary, not a blog.
Give someone a compliment, not a retweet.
Burn a memory in my mind forever,
without taking a single photo.
Profess something to the world,
without making a status update.

Read a book.
See a play.
Learn to play piano.
Learn a foreign language.
Go someplace I’ve never been before.
Drink more water.
Hold my friend’s baby without worrying about accidentally giving it brain damage.
Climb a tree.
Chase an ice cream truck.
Come to terms with the existence of traffic.
Laugh really, really hard at a joke.
Sing along loudly to a great song in my car at a stop light with the windows down.
Kiss my wife in the rain.
Feel profoundly small in the epic scope of the universe...
and revel in the freedom that humility gives you."


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